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Loki Anatomy by SouloftheSky Loki Anatomy by SouloftheSky
Not a Ref sheet really, Just something for me to fully decide on and show Loki's height and anatomy, and what she has got from each of the creatures she's a mix of.

So, She is part Fennec Fox, Maned wolf, and Deinonychus(A Raptor, youknowadinosaur).
Here I've included silhouettes of a human, and what she is a mix of, along with a flat colour picture of Loki, and there is a outline inside that, showing where her skin is. (So you can tell what is thick fluff and what isn't.)

Some things not said in the image:
Like in the image, she will walk like a maned wolf, that is both legs on each side of the body at once, however when running she will run more like other canines.
She also can support herself well on her back legs alone however that is impractical and she would only do that if she really needs to look around, however she is good at jumping high and so that would be better for having a quick glance at things further away.
While she may not seem to have many fennec fox-like features, her height is one, as the other two creatures are both larger than she is, but due to being part Fennec, she is smaller.
The fur on the back of her neck and on her tail is thick and fluffy, as a result of the Feathers that a Deinonychus would have.
I've mentioned her tail is slightly stiff, but not entirely to the extent of a Deinonychus's tail, however it's not capable of curling into a circle or anything

I do not own the images used for the silhouettes. The human one was taken as it is from Google images,(Just search 'Human silhouette') the Deinonychus one was used from the height reference on it's own wikipedia page, and the other two were made using photographs.

Art & Loki (c) me.

Is it me or has my animal style changed again?
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August 14, 2012
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